High-mount extended ‘Otis’ light

I made an extended high-mount version of the ‘Otis’ light I introduced a few weeks ago. The original 30″ style works ideally as a bedside or over-the-desk light, but this longer version can reach out and span a little further into a room.

I added a bend at the end of the rod that supports the arm of the lamp and brought it down to within arm’s reach. This makes it easy to swivel the lamp from below while it’s mounted high up on the wall. A solid wood ball attached at the end makes a nice soft handle.

This lamp’s got the teak veneered socket as well. So you get wood at both ends of the lamp. WOOD EVERYWHERE.

Here’s an example of how the lamp can be used to crane over and light up a seating area or even a dining table.

I also made a white version at about 72″ long, for an even further reach. The white gloss finish looks pretty cool against the wood socket and handle. These will be added to the etsy store in a few days and I will update this post once I do. So if you’re interested, check back here or my shop in the very near future! Thanks!

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2 Responses to High-mount extended ‘Otis’ light

  1. Tom Oak says:

    That chair and light is amazing, it look so unique!

    Thanks a lot :-)

  2. hanna says:

    Love this!!

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