Bent plywood rocker

I made some bent plywood rockers. The best name suggestion so far is the “Roxy” chair and I kind of love it. Get it? Because it rocks, and it just so happens to be my wife’s name. Again, another clever name thought up by modernhaus, she’s seriously a naming machine. I can never come up with decent names. I took the design of the other chairs I made a few weeks ago and added a rocking base. The skids are solid wood which I cut by hand on the band saw and sanded smooth.

The white leather/natural Maple idea was Roxy’s. I think It really changes the whole look of the chair from a “vintage worn” look to a “clean modern” feel. Anyways, I like the contrast so I’m offering both styles.

I got inquiries for chairs after I did the first post, so I decided to list some on etsy. I’m going to start out with the rocking chairs. I’ll be listing my other models in the near future. Right now you can choose between the Walnut/leather option, and the white/maple combination. I’m also willing to mix these combinations up and try out some of the other wood/fabrics I’ve used before. Just send me a message if you’re interested! As you can probably tell, I really love making these chairs and I’m glad people like them too. Thanks guys.

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4 Responses to Bent plywood rocker

  1. Meagan says:

    I absolutely must have (at least) one. And a 1:12 copy as well for the dollhouse.

  2. ModFruGal says:

    She does have the naming knack…The Roxy is perfect! Love the colorways as well…

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