Otis light

I made a new lamp and it’s called the ‘Otis’ light. It was named by a friend and I loved it right away. She said the name was simple and sturdy, like the lamp. Anyways, I’ve got a few on etsy and I priced them pretty reasonably, in my opinion. I currently have a few 30″ ones up for sale with the brass sockets and also a new wood veneered socket. Yes, wood veneered sockets.

The brass sockets are sort of antique looking and have a little tab switch right on them for low, in reach mounting. I also have some modern minimal brass socket ones coming soon. Soon!

The wood veneered sockets are made with real wood teak veneer and hand finished with danished oil. Hopefully, you are as excited about these as I am. I’ve been trying all different types of wood species and color combinations and I’m loving them all.

Anyways, I’ve also got some other lengths and colors in the works including a 72″ version with a wood knob which allows the lamp to be mounted high, but still be easily swiveled by hand. The other versions will be added to etsy soon!

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