Lamp upgrades

I’m trying out a few new features on my original “potence” style lamps. I’ve made a few with these upgrades and put some up on my etsy store.

The socket is now porcelain and covered with a painted steel cap, instead of the exposed phenolic ones. I made some multifaceted handles that I think look pretty good against the smooth curves of the lamp. The socket itself is rated up to 660W which is wired with a heavier gauge cord to support brighter bulbs if desired.

The lamps reach out 62″ from the wall, which sit about in the middle of a 10’x10′ room. These are just a few inches shorter than the original ones but it saves $25 on shipping. I think that’s a pretty good compromise. I’ve also got one I made in a natural ‘raw’ steel finish that I should be putting up as soon as I have pictures of it.

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4 Responses to Lamp upgrades

  1. Michael says:

    Are you making any more soon? I am interested in a white one. Also, could these be made with dimmers?

    • Logan says:

      Hi Michael, I make them and put them periodically on my etsy page, I can add a dimmer by special order. Thanks for your interest!

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