Industrial wall lamps on etsy

I recently added some industrial wall lamps to my etsy shop in different sizes and colors and finishes. They’re painted with industrial-grade enamels. I will be adding more lamps to the shop as I take pictures of them. If there’s any specific size or color you’re looking for, feel free to email me. Enjoy!

Bed-side short lamp in ‘Machinery Gray’ enamel.

Some of them are weathered for a more aged look with acid and other distress methods. I basically let them slide around in the back of my truck or laid them in the yard and periodically sprayed them with acid.

I also have a few potence style lamps in 62″ long with new socket covers and multi-faceted handles. Coming soon, very soon….

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  1. Kurt says:

    The lamps look great! – Where do you pick up the shades from?

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