Wide Plank Flooring

The bedroom loft looks much different than it did a week ago. We went back and forth on different types of flooring but I kind of figured I’d have to make my own to be able to afford what we wanted. When we finally decided on what look we wanted, we set out to make our own wide plank flooring. It cost $1.25/ sqft including the floor finish.

I bought 1x12x16’s of pine from a local lumber yard. We used pine on our downstairs floors and they have held up pretty well. The boards come out to 3/4″ thick, 12″ wide and 16′ long. I ran a tongue-and-groove on them through a shaper and while I was at it, I added a 1/8″ x 1/8″ reveal to give the planks a defined joint. The first few boards were fine, the other 60 were slightly back-breaking. You can pay the lumber yard to run the tongue and groove for you, if you don’t have your own shaper.

Here’s a before of what the floors looked like. See, originally we painted them white, then we painted them sage green…. but after painting the ceiling and walls white, we wanted to get a little grain back into the room. Not to mention, these were really only sub floors so they were never very level or suitable for finished flooring.

I borrowed a flooring nailer from a friend to nail the boards down which worked great, especially compared to a regular finish nailer like I used downstairs. The flooring nailer has a rest that rides right on the edge of the tongue and fires a cleat at an angle as you smack it with a mallet. It draws the boards up nicely. After all the boards were laid I used a flooring buffer (you can rent them at home depot) with a black stripping pad to just sort of clean up the shoe prints and round the edges of the joints. I sprayed windex on the floor as I buffed it to help with the cleaning. We didn’t really want the boards sanded since we wanted a kind of weathered look so the buffing pad really did the trick.

This is the cool part, I used a wood treatment called ecowood treatment which is pretty reasonable and does something amazing to wood. It sort of instantly weathers the color of the boards and seals it all at once. It comes as a powder that you mix with water and then apply with a brush or mop. It’s not a stain at all and does nothing to your hands or skin. I mopped it on the floors with a floor cleaner pad and did the joints with a foam corner brush by hand. Going off of the product description, I bought the 5-gallon pack but could have definitely gotten by with the one gallon. I barely used any really.

I used Bona commercial HD Extra Matte for the floor finish. It’s pretty easy to apply. You pour a portion on the floor and use an applicator pad to mop it on evenly, overlapping each run slightly to keep a wet edge. We bought two gallons which was enough to apply two coats over the entire floor. It dries supprisingly fast so you have to work kind of fast. It was stressful at first but we got the hang of it.

And these are the floors after the finish dried! Look how amazing the finish made the grain look. Even though we didn’t sand the boards the floor is completely smooth and level. $1.25/sqft for solid wood extra wide plank flooring that we are very happy with. It totally changed the look and feel of the room. So much, that I kind of want to redo the downstairs now….

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15 Responses to Wide Plank Flooring

  1. Brenda says:

    Amazing…they are beautiful. The finish is nice, really nice. I am impressed that there is now a earth friendly finish.and one that works. Such a nice look on that pine. LOVE!

  2. jessie says:

    I love this! The floors look beautiful. My husband and I were thinking of doing this to our floors as well. I just had a question, did you glue these down or use any adhesive to your existing floors? Right now ours our concrete (ripped out tacky linoleum) and I was wondering what to use. Thanks!

    • Logan says:

      Hi Jessie, I didn’t glue since I was nailing to wood subfloors. If you’re laying on top of concrete then you will need to glue instead of nailing. Good luck! P.S. Vct can actually look really amazing.

  3. jessie says:

    Awesome, thanks! All of the work in y’alls home is amazing!

  4. Nick says:

    Great work! I like the addition of the “reveal” cut. It really sets it apart from ordinary DIY floors.
    Again – Great work!

  5. jeannette says:

    i think i say that in every comment i make but these really are. the “hardwoods” everywhere contractor/real estate agent/ pressure is huge, and this is cost effective, custom, and gorgeous.

  6. HilaryAnne says:

    It looks..AMAZING!

    Just want to throw a tip out there to anyone wanting to do this on concrete. Unless you lay a plywood substrate your wood will warp due to the moisture in concrete, and something will pop or crack!

  7. Camille Evian says:

    Wow ! The finish is great, that looks amazing !
    My boyfriend and I just installed wide plank wood flooring in our room as well. I definetly think wood gives your flooring a fresh and new style.
    I advice this wide plank wood flooring website if anyone is interested in.

  8. Bob Tilton says:

    Really unique and beautiful. Love the final look!

  9. Citizen says:

    Great site, and work…

    Mind if I ask a few practical/process questions? What kind of router or shaper did you cut the tongue and groove on? How much time did it take to do your milling? sanding? finishing?

    again, great work! these look amazing.

  10. Jeff White says:

    Cool project. I found your web page looking for wide plank flooring ideas. I have 650 of 12″ wide plank pine, similar to yours, ready to put down. Question – Where did you buy the Bona HD extra Matte Finish?

    I plan to treat the wood with a wood conditioner and stain with Min Wax Espresso for a dark floor. I already did my stair treads using #2 pine and they came out awesome. I used rose head cut nails to give it an aged look.

    I found my pine out her in California from Jones Lumber and paid $1.47 with a T & G. Great price!

    Thanks again,

    Jeff WHite
    Dana Point, CA

  11. John says:

    Now that it’s been installed for a bit….how is the wear? Also, have you experienced any “bowing” with the pine planks? Awesome job.

  12. Kiran says:

    Wow… It looks amazing. Great job. I have one question If you don’t mind can you please tell me what was the cost of the lumber? was it per board or bunch. I am new to woodworking so pardon my

  13. Brett says:

    Quick question, what type of pine is this? Yellow, White or Heart? Great looking floor, looking to do our first floor like this.

  14. Evie tong says:

    After seeing this, I think I’m doing this in my room!!:-) but always have this huge question mark in my head! U don’t seem to have baseboard? Did you install the planks right up against the wall and didn’t leave any room for expansion?

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