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I’ve finally got a few micro furniture pieces put on my etsy store and just wanted to give anyone who wanted one a heads up. Like always, the hardest part of selling things is figuring out a price that’s right for everyone. I know this stuff is tiny and seen as a toy, but I put time into these and built them to last. The wire legs aren’t flimsy or glued, they’re brazed solid and sturdy. The brass isn’t painted, it’s solid brass. I used real solid woods that I love; teak, walnut, rosewood, etc. But, I still wanted these to be affordable to people and not priced as architectural models or something, these were made for dollhouses.

I didn’t have time to put everything on here, but I’ll add more in the next few days. I’ve got more pieces needing to be photographed and listed. I hope you guys are satisfied with what I’ve come up with! Thanks! BTW, Roxy and I just saw the Muppets movie today and it was awesome. Kind of sad, but very good.

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6 Responses to micro furniture on etsy

  1. Modern MC says:

    Beautiful work. Priced well. Please post more to sell…

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  3. Christina says:

    That chair is gorgeous. And that’s the coolest dollhouse table/desk I’ve ever seen. You are quite talented!

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  5. snowfern says:

    ahhhh those items were snapped up real fast! Looking forward to seeing more of your mini stuff ;) and of course, the non-mini items are always sooooo gorgeous!

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