More lamps for etsy

I put some more lamps on my etsy store today. I made 10 of the “short and suede” black ones and also made 5 semi-gloss white lamps at the same size. I used Iroko wood for the white handles (because I happened to have a chunk of it laying around) but it’s really cool stuff. It’s also known as African teak. Even though it’s not technically related to teak, it’s very similar grain and texture. I dropped the lamps $10 from the longer ones, but the shipping dropped about $75 due to no longer requiring over-sized shipping. If you inquired about one in an email, I did my best to give you a heads up. Thanks everyone for your support and love for these lamps, I really enjoy how excited people get about them. If anyone wanted any of the 68″ ones, I will be making some more of those shortly but I’m not sure how many or how soon. I’m still trying to figure out a way to ship these things over-seas, but so far fed-ex and UPS are way too expensive. Anybody know a good way to ship internationally? Thanks!

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  1. Ricardo says:


    I’m not sure if you’re getting international inquiries, but have you (or potential customer) considered the the voltage difference? Hardware differences (plug)? That was one of the things we had to consider when we moved to Brussels, what to bring or leave behind.


  2. Hi Logan,
    I love this lamp! I’m posting on Friday about it on my blog,
    I’ve long admired the Jean Prouve lamps, and it’s nice to see a carefully crafted interpretation — that I might be able to afford!

  3. philip says:

    I love your lamps. Will you be featuring any more of these lamps on etsy, soon?

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