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Some new stuff

I’ve been pretty busy lately with Etsy sales, but I have managed to fit in time to make a few new pieces. I recently got some green and grey felt and decided to experiment with colors on a few molded … Continue reading

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High-mount extended ‘Otis’ light

I made an extended high-mount version of the ‘Otis’ light I introduced a few weeks ago. The original 30″ style works ideally as a bedside or over-the-desk light, but this longer version can reach out and span a little further … Continue reading

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Otis light

I made a new lamp and it’s called the ‘Otis’ light. It was named by a friend and I loved it right away. She said the name was simple and sturdy, like the lamp. Anyways, I’ve got a few on … Continue reading

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Lamp upgrades

I’m trying out a few new features on my original “potence” style lamps. I’ve made a few with these upgrades and put some up on my etsy store. The socket is now porcelain and covered with a painted steel cap, … Continue reading

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Industrial wall lamps on etsy

I recently added some industrial wall lamps to my etsy shop in different sizes and colors and finishes. They’re painted with industrial-grade enamels. I will be adding more lamps to the shop as I take pictures of them. If there’s … Continue reading

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micro furniture on etsy

I’ve finally got a few micro furniture pieces put on my etsy store and just wanted to give anyone who wanted one a heads up. Like always, the hardest part of selling things is figuring out a price that’s right … Continue reading

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Czech Hedgehog Bookends

A few months ago I made a miniature version of a World War II, anti-tank obstacle known as a “czech hedgehog”. I explained how it was the first thing I’d made that was strictly decorative and had no practical function. … Continue reading

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More lamps for etsy

I put some more lamps on my etsy store today. I made 10 of the “short and suede” black ones and also made 5 semi-gloss white lamps at the same size. I used Iroko wood for the white handles (because … Continue reading

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Short and “Suede”

I’ve had some people ask me if I am going to make any more lamps, since I sold all of the ones I made on etsy. A few people also asked if I was going to make shorter ones, for … Continue reading

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Etsy credenza

I decided to try and make another item for etsy since I opened my store a few weeks ago. I’m hoping I can bring in some extra money to help with the wedding. I had a few people ask if … Continue reading

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