Molded plywood lamp


I know I’ve been saying this every time I post now, but I have been very very busy filling orders in the shop lately that I don’t get to post on the blog very often. I have been continuing to experiment with the plywood molding and have been working on a new concept using a piece of molded birch as a shade for a lamp. This is just a quick prototype but it really opens up a ton of possibilities that I can’t wait to try out.



The shade it attached to the arm on a swivel fitting, allowing the light to be directed where you want it. The switched socket is attached to a bracket I made out of aluminum.




I know it’s different and kind of strange, but it’s functional and incredibly fun to make. Isn’t that the point? This lamp isn’t available yet and will probably change before it is, but look out for some variation of this concept in the shop soon.


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projects and products

I realize it’s been quite a while since I’ve done a blog post but I have a good reason. At least I think it’s a good reason, I’ve been so busy with orders and listing new things on my online store. I’ve had some things to post about, and I still will post about them. But, I honestly just have not had the time to get on here a write about them. I thought I’d share some things I’ve been working on that have or haven’t made their way to the shop yet to break up this hiatus.

IMG_0702 IMG_0666

I’ve been doing alot more things with the molded plywood concept I first got into on my chairs. One of them are these molded plywood wall-mount shelves that I’ve attached a lamp or two to.

I’ve also taken that mint green powder-coat that I first introduced with the swing lamps and used it on some other designs. It’s such a good pairing with natural oak.
IMG_0737 IMG_0728

These wall mount guitar hangers will be in the shop soon! In Oak and Walnut to start.

I made an all-brass version of the Otis light with the swiveling handle. Even the wall bracket is a solid piece of brass that I drilled and bent into shape. Brass is really fun to work with and I’ve got some ideas for other stuff so you’ll probably being see more of it from me.
IMG_0707 IMG_0556

The string lights are finally available fro sale in the shop, after a lengthy status of “coming soon”. It took me so long because I was trying to work out a few details in order to produce them in a time frame that was feasible. If you’ve been looking at them and checking in, thanks for waiting! Wood veneer and colored ones are next!

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New Shop

I’m excited to announce that I’ve got a new online shop launching today and I’ve stocked it with a lot more things for sale. I started my original shop selling lighting and furniture through Etsy and I am grateful for the opportunities it has provided and for the community I have become a part of. I appreciate how supportive you, as my readers, have been and I want to thank you for helping me get to this point. It’s always so exciting to read in the purchase notes that you’re a long time reader and have continued to follow along with all the different things I’ve done. And thank you for all the heads up whenever you spot my stuff somewhere. Your support gives me a chance to bring a lot of my crazy ideas to life, when Roxy would probably have been hesitant of a new chair or ANOTHER lamp because of the lack of space in our living room.
However, as sales increased and I started to add bigger items, my monthly bills were getting a little too high. So, I joined the Cartel. I’m really happy with the with ability to customize my shop as well as being able to add options to the individual items within the purchase.
IMG_9710For the time being, I’m going to keep my Etsy shop going for some of the smaller stuff. But I really want to expand with this new shop.
To start off the shop, I’ve got a new armless rocker as well as the original Roxy rocker chair. I’m also offering an arm chair version of the Roxy Chair, for people who are ready to stop rocking and just settle down in life. Ottoman coming soon? I think so.

I’ve also got a new swing arm lamp with a simplified swivel design. It’s starting off in a powder-coated Sea Foam Green color with a copper cloth twisted cord. I’ve also got a wider variety of wood species options for the veneered pendant lamps. I’m working on a “wood pendant cluster” and I’ll have some really exotic wood options coming soon.

I finally added some of the lock-mitre wall cabinets to the shop with the sliding doors that many of you have been inquiring about. Available in Walnut, cherry or oak. There’s still a lot of things that I’m photographing and adding to the shop so it should be growing soon.
I want to thank my friend Ryan for helping me design the theme. Definitely contact him if you’re looking to start up a big cartel shop and you want some excellent customization, click here!

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Some new stuff

I’ve been pretty busy lately with Etsy sales, but I have managed to fit in time to make a few new pieces.

I recently got some green and grey felt and decided to experiment with colors on a few molded plywood side chairs. The green one is on white oak with a walnut seat.

I’ve been testing colors with vinyl for potential leather options. I used some black vinyl on walnut and came up with a lounger style chair. It’s a pretty useful reading chair for laying back and relaxing. The frame is solid rod painted matte black.

I also started making a few new variations of the Otis lights with swiveling heads; along with a pendant light using same wood veneered sockets. Some of my new stuff is in the etsy shop, and some are still in the prototype stage. They should all be making their way to the shop though, hopefully sooner than later.

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High-mount extended ‘Otis’ light

I made an extended high-mount version of the ‘Otis’ light I introduced a few weeks ago. The original 30″ style works ideally as a bedside or over-the-desk light, but this longer version can reach out and span a little further into a room.

I added a bend at the end of the rod that supports the arm of the lamp and brought it down to within arm’s reach. This makes it easy to swivel the lamp from below while it’s mounted high up on the wall. A solid wood ball attached at the end makes a nice soft handle.

This lamp’s got the teak veneered socket as well. So you get wood at both ends of the lamp. WOOD EVERYWHERE.

Here’s an example of how the lamp can be used to crane over and light up a seating area or even a dining table.

I also made a white version at about 72″ long, for an even further reach. The white gloss finish looks pretty cool against the wood socket and handle. These will be added to the etsy store in a few days and I will update this post once I do. So if you’re interested, check back here or my shop in the very near future! Thanks!

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Bent plywood rocker

I made some bent plywood rockers. The best name suggestion so far is the “Roxy” chair and I kind of love it. Get it? Because it rocks, and it just so happens to be my wife’s name. Again, another clever name thought up by modernhaus, she’s seriously a naming machine. I can never come up with decent names. I took the design of the other chairs I made a few weeks ago and added a rocking base. The skids are solid wood which I cut by hand on the band saw and sanded smooth.

The white leather/natural Maple idea was Roxy’s. I think It really changes the whole look of the chair from a “vintage worn” look to a “clean modern” feel. Anyways, I like the contrast so I’m offering both styles.

I got inquiries for chairs after I did the first post, so I decided to list some on etsy. I’m going to start out with the rocking chairs. I’ll be listing my other models in the near future. Right now you can choose between the Walnut/leather option, and the white/maple combination. I’m also willing to mix these combinations up and try out some of the other wood/fabrics I’ve used before. Just send me a message if you’re interested! As you can probably tell, I really love making these chairs and I’m glad people like them too. Thanks guys.

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Otis light

I made a new lamp and it’s called the ‘Otis’ light. It was named by a friend and I loved it right away. She said the name was simple and sturdy, like the lamp. Anyways, I’ve got a few on etsy and I priced them pretty reasonably, in my opinion. I currently have a few 30″ ones up for sale with the brass sockets and also a new wood veneered socket. Yes, wood veneered sockets.

The brass sockets are sort of antique looking and have a little tab switch right on them for low, in reach mounting. I also have some modern minimal brass socket ones coming soon. Soon!

The wood veneered sockets are made with real wood teak veneer and hand finished with danished oil. Hopefully, you are as excited about these as I am. I’ve been trying all different types of wood species and color combinations and I’m loving them all.

Anyways, I’ve also got some other lengths and colors in the works including a 72″ version with a wood knob which allows the lamp to be mounted high, but still be easily swiveled by hand. The other versions will be added to etsy soon!

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Bent plywood chairs

Hey guys, I made some chairs! Actually, I started experimenting with plywood bending and then I made a chair. And then I couldn’t stop making chairs…. These are really fun to make and once I made one, I had so many other ideas and styles I wanted to try.

The first chair I made was this triangular shaped one. I’ve had the idea for a while of making a chair with only two pieces of steel with the least amount of bends as possible. The base is very similar to the bases I came up with for my “surfboard” coffee table. I made some curved plywood panels with teak veneer for the seat and back. The seat and back are attached with bolts to the steel frame. It’s a pretty comfortable chair for only being plywood and very sturdy despite how light it looks.

I also made a four-legged side chair out of White Ash. The base on this is made out of three pieces of steel.

I started experimenting with woods and fabrics and came up with this side chair. The seats are covered in grey tweed with a Walnut curved back.

I made another version with arms, by doing a more severe bend and adding the curved ends. I tried this with different variations of wood species and fabrics including Teak, Walnut, Maple with brown leather and grey tweed.

Oh yeah, I also made a little free-standing curved plywood perch for Roxy’s cat out of White Ash and sand-colored tweed. All it took was a sprinkle of catnip and Ziggy jumped right up. I’m having alot of fun with bending plywood and making these chairs and have many more ideas and designs in the works. I have a lamp sale for on 9/16/12, which is this Sunday! So be sure to check it out if you’re in need of some industrial lighting! BTW thanks to Max and Design*Sponge for featuring my lamps and etsy store the other day! That was very nice of you guys and thanks for the kind words.

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Roxy and I have been busy planning the wedding the last 12 months, but especially busy the last 2 months. As time is winding down and there is now only 12 days left, we have both been working day and night to get every detail ready. Almost everything in the wedding is stuff we made or are having made by friends so it’s been alot to handle. This includes a 20-foot tall steel and wood teepee altar, a photobooth that looks like a camper trailer, steel planter centerpieces, multi-faceted planter wedding favors, hand-cut wood table numbers and more.

As you can imagine, I haven’t had much time in between these things to be able to take on any serious house projects. I also haven’t really had time to stop and take pictures or blog. So, here are some iphone shots that I did manage to take of the progress.

We have been getting lots of help from, and working with some very talented people and meeting new folks along the way as well. I can’t wait to show off all of this stuff and the people that have helped!

Once the wedding is over there will be much better photos and descriptions of everything that has gone into our big day. 12 more days!!!! You can see more photos and wedding progress on my instagram feed.
Also, wanted to thank Shauna and Stephen from something’s hiding in here for the mention in their feature on the Martha Stewart Crafts Dept blog and Morgan from The Brick House for the mention in her interview over at Saydaily. Thanks guys.

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Multifaceted wood planters

When we installed siding over our log cabin, we had to cut off the exposed corners first. I did this with a chainsaw and ended up with about 100 chunks of solid fir. I’ve been saving them since then, for if nothing firewood, but had the idea the other day to make some planters.

I drilled a 2-1/2″ hole with a forstner bit and sliced the blocks into geometric shapes. I sanded the different planes until they were perfectly straight and flat.I dipped them in a bucket of eco wood solution to seal and help weather the wood.

I routed a keyhole into the back of a few so they can hang on the wall with a single hidden screw.

I attached a piece of steel cable to two adjacent sides of one and hung it from a ceiling beam. Because it doesn’t need to rest on a surface, the bottom comes to a point rather than a flat spot.

We also made 150 of a much smaller version of these as favors for our wedding. They are being fitted with tiny succulents by the amazing Bianca from Terri Planty as I type this! Bianca is so creative and comes up with the most amazing miniature scenes for terrariums, which is why she is also doing our centerpieces! I can’t wait to show you guys when they are done, along with everything else we’ve been so busy working on. Keep an eye out for some of these jumbo planters making their way to the etsy shop!
UPDATE: I put a few up on etsy here

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